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You miss 100% of the shots you don't


About Me

Seasoned recruiter with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, managing projects in international and multicultural environments and career coaching services. 

Through, I improve your job-related skills, enhance your career prospects, and help achieve your professional goals with the A player approach.


I have held various positions in Talent Acquisition and Technical Recruitment for companies like Glopal, BeReal, Shadow, Doctrine, NetApp, iziwork, Ontex, Concord, Microsoft, Tesla and others.


My expertise lies in recruitment, corporate advisory and individual coaching.


Over the years, I have been recognized with several awards as entrepreneur, recruiter or advisor.

I have also contributed to publications discussing topics such as job boards, recruitment strategies, and the impact of digital transformation on hiring processes. 

I helped hundreds of candidates to reach out their goals,I understand the importance of effective coaching for candidates seeking new job opportunities. (see testimonials)


100% Human

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